2016 Ewha Scholarship Students

Through this Ewha-JAX joint initiative, six Ewha scholarship students learn about the latest research, newest technologies, genetic database management, as well as mouse research. 

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2015 Ewha Scholarship Students

In July 2015, the inauguration of the JAX-Ewha joint initiative commenced with nine Ewha graduate and doctoral students participating in JAX’s Short Course on Mammalian Genetics at Bar Harbor, Maine. 

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DongA News
10년후 대한민국을 빛낼 100인입니다
Korea JoongAng Daily
국제인간유전체기구(HUGO) 한국유전체학회 MOU
MBN News
이화여대, 국제인간유전체기구(HUGO) 유치 확정
Korea Hangyung News
'노벨상 후보' 찰스 리 박사, 이화여대 강단 선다
Chosun News
찰스 리 교수 "아바타 쥐 이용해 암 정복에 성큼"
Korea JoongAng Daily
서울대서 ‘마우스 아바타’연구 찰스 리
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